Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Our wholesale requires a minimum of 5 items per product purchased. We also ask that items must be paid for before the order is started, your invoice will be sent to your chosen email address.

Depending on other orders we have a 1-3 week turn around for our wholesale orders.

We request that if you choose to use one of photographs for social media/websites until you can take your own that you credit us for that. Failure to do so will end with a cease and desist.

Under no circumstances are wholesale products to be used for personal use.

Please note that each item can vary in weight and colour depending on fragrance selected.

Wholesale orders come packaged in a clear bag, unlabelled. This allows you to use your own labels.


We require that you pay for shipping up front with your initial payment, standard shipping is $10 flat rate, express $13.


Thank you for choosing and supporting Frayedwithloveco.